Time in the Sun: Cabo san Lucas Part II

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This is a continuation of a series, start with Part I here.

Yesterday (1 June 2016), we did a few more “touristy” things that we do not get the opportunity to imbibe in while living in the landlocked state of Illinois. We woke up, went to the beach, and rented a wave runner. We then took an hour riding the waves of the Gulf of California. After which, we left the resort and went back into the city. Here, we went to the marina, and took a lunch boat tour with snorkelling. I had never been snorkelling before, and this was a blast. The tour offered an open bar and a taco bar available after the snorkelling was over. While snorkelling, I got to see fish that I had never seen in person outside of the Shedd Aquarium. That was definitely a must-do for anyone visiting from a landlocked state such as myself.

The Arch found at the end of the cape. This was formed from erosion, and is where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean.

Doing more exploring in the city, I discovered a gem hidden by the beach: the Baja Brewing Company brewery. It has a full menu, and a variety of brews on tap. A fan of darker beers, I recommend the Baja Black while sitting on the upstairs balcony with a view of the Gulf.

Today, we woke up and took a shuttle to San José del Cabo, and swam with the dolphins. If you have never done that, I recommend it at least once. Maybe even twice. It is a great family outing for the kids.

From here, we explored the village of San José, and I immediately fell in love. Here, everything looks picturesque. The streets are cobblestone, the buildings are adobe, and the town square is shadowed by the local church. There were much less people comfortable speaking English here, so I had to try my very low Spanish skills. It was all very low key, chill, relaxing, and very enjoyable. Even the places I went to and enjoyed are too small to have a website for me to share. I shared this sentiment with the locals I met, and they agreed with me: Cabo is where you go to party; San José is where you go to enjoy culture. They even had a nickname for Cabo: the Mexican Las Vegas. There are art galleries, from traditional Mexican to modern lining the town square. Should you find yourself here, and I so hope that you do, go to the Downtown Pub, across the square from the church, and say hello to Dominic for me, pull up a bar stool, order a margarita, and let him tell you his story. Enjoy a fresh sea food meal from El Toro Güero, only five blocks off of the square. Walk up and down the square and chat with the locals. Visiting San José has been my favourite stop so far on this trip, and I want all to enjoy it, even for a day.

San José town square

Of course, I found/made the “local” variant of poutine today.

Simply replace the gravy with guacamole and pico de gallo!

Tomorrow is my last day here in Cabo, and tomorrow evening will be my last post before my final summary when I return. Read Part III here.

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