Salt Lake Christmas

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During Christmas I took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is one the most beautiful states in the Union. I will even make the bold statement that I find it to be the most beautiful state in the Union. Yes, even more than Colorado. Also, I am a huge supporter of the grid system in city planning, and Utah took that system and perfected it. In at least most Utah cities, they take a centre point (in Salt Lake City, it is the LDS temple), and name the streets by how many blocks that street is from the centre and in what direction. For example, if you are in Salt Lake City, on a street that runs east/west 3 blocks north of the temple, you would be on 300 North St. It makes finding addresses much easier and more efficient.

I met up with my sister who is attending the U (University of Utah), and with our younger sisters, and my wife, we went to lunch at The Pie Pizzeria. There, my wife and I partook of Polygamy. Damn, that beer was delicious.

After lunch, we went up to the Utah State Capitol Building. Tours are free, and as long as the group is less than 10, they accept walk-ins for those tours. We, however, opted for self-guided.

The building is located on Capitol Hill off of 300 North St. facing downtown Salt Lake City to its south.

Upon entering, the first floor has exhibits of Utah’s history, a few offices, and a visitor’s centre. Also, the Seal of Utah is laid into the floor.

Going upstairs is to enter the main floor. Here, you get your first view of the dome of the building. Here is the “Gold Room,” officially the State Reception Hall. Also, on this floor is the Governor’s Office.

Up the grand staircases on either the east or the west ends of the building will lead to the third floor. Here is where the House of Representatives meet,

the Senate,

and the Supreme Court (albeit, only ceremoniously, as they officially meet at the courthouse in downtown). The fourth floor has offices and the galleries for observing the House and Senate.

No talk on Salt Lake City is complete without discussing the LDS, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, temple. The temple is located on Temple Square,

and includes the Tabernacle (home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir). Also is the Assembly Hall,

two visitor’s centres,

and of course, the temple itself. As non-LDS, we were not allowed in the temple itself, but we were allowed on the grounds. It is an architectural gem literally in the centre of the city. And during the Christmas season, it is well lit with Christmas lights.

Special thanks to my sister who took these pictures on her phone, as mine had a dead battery.

Utah is gorgeous. I spent a weekend in Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah long before I started this blog, so I do not have pictures to share, except by linking to its official site. The orange rock and the eroded hoodoos found there are the most beautiful natural landscapes that I have ever seen. Being in the mountains, there are numerous ski resorts, many close enough to Salt Lake City to spend time there as well. Spend a week in Utah, and you will not regret it. Just bring your own booze.

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