Mexican holiday: Cabo san Lucas Part I

This post is made possible in part by my Patreon supporters, for Rasmussen Travels for setting the trip up, and also by my gracious wedding guests. Thank you.

View of the end of the cape from the resort deck.

We [my wife and I] landed safely yesterday (30 May 2016) and it was immediately a blast. After checking in at the resort we are staying at, and immediately went to the beach. Unfortunately, both today and yesterday, the authorities gave a strong undertow warning, so we could not do a whole lot of beach swimming. However, we still waded to about knee’s deep, then took to the resort pool. However, after an hour, we went inside to get ready for dinner, and instead accidentally took a 14 hour “nap.”

Part of downtown Cabo

After waking up the next morning as if Monday never really happened, we had breakfast, and then left the resort to go into the city. At first impression, the city definitely caters to its American tourists. It would be a place I recommend for Spring Break. Every other door is either a bar or a spa, while the other doors are either a pharmacy or a trinket shop. We stopped at Cabo Wabo, known most for being the bar opened by rock star Sammy Hagar, to have lunch and a couple margaritas. We were not disappointed. I recommend it to anyone visiting the Cantina to go at least once. The best part: live music almost every night. With my love of live music, I was definitely pleased.

Cabo Wabo from the back.

Tomorrow, we plan on doing more exploring of the city of Cabo san Lucas, snorkelling in the waters, jet skiing, and hopefully seeing the rock arch at the end of the cape. Please continue with us on this trip by heading to Part II.

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