Everything is Hotter When the Sun Goes Down: Cabo san Lucas Part III

This post is made possible in part by my Patreon supporters, for Rasmussen Travels for setting the trip up, also by my gracious wedding guests. Thank you.

This is a continuation, start with Part I here or continue with Part II here.

Today is our last day in Los Cabos, and tomorrow morning we fly back to Illinois. It has been a great trip, but I am satisfied to go back home (though maybe not back to work).

Today we had a lazy day. We slept in, went to breakfast, and then spent most of the afternoon having cold margaritas at the bar. It was very relaxing sitting in the shade, drinking margaritas, and watching the waves run up the beach. The view of the gulf is beautiful enough that it is best to have a single day devoted to just enjoying that view.

In the evening, we went back into the city one last night, and walked around the marina. There were a lot of artisan vendors selling art or jewelry to the tourists or sailors/yacht owners that walk by, as well as another storefront for Baja Brewing Company. Interestingly enough, there was also a Hooters restaurant there. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from one end of the marina around to the other end.

What brought us to the marina was a dinner cruise around the cape and the bay. It was a fantastic classy dinner and showcased traditional Mexican folk dancing and Argentinian tangos with view of the sunset over the waters. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful vacation.

When I return home, I will write the usualĀ summary of the trip, and share more of my impressions.

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