Chillin’ at the Holiday Inn

This post is made possible in part by Rasmussen Travels for setting the trip up. Thank you.

My wife and I had to take a last minute trip back to Salt Lake City, and since that is a 22+ hour drive from our home, we had to stay in a hotel overnight half way between. We chose to stay at a Holiday Inn Express in Ogallala, Nebraska.

It was a new hotel, and built in a modern ascetic. Outside, it looked like a regular Holiday Inn Express, but the lobby definitely did not. The desk, and most the lobby, had minimalist lines and designs.

View of the lobby from the front door. Above: to the left, and the front desk. Below: to the right, and the public seating area

The room was sleek and modern. I especially enjoyed that there was a lounge in the room.

Standard 1 king size bedroom. Lounge in the background. View from the room door.

The staff was friendly, the breakfast was much needed, the rest provided was amazing. This stay was exactly the quality I expect from a Holiday Inn, and the convenience I expect from a Holiday Inn Express.

I look forward to staying again next week heading back home, and I recommend it to any I-80 traveller.

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